Your Guide to Glowing Winter Skin

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With the cooler weather upon us, there is nothing better than settling in for the night with a winter skincare regime! Taking time to nourish your skin to maintain that glow complexion all year round. 

LUXit offers you tips on how to beat the mid-winter skincare blues, and take your skin from dehydrated and lacklustre to plump and refreshed.

1. Gentle Exfoliation: Gentle exfoliation once a week is important to remove dead skin cells, stimulate the production of new ones, and reveal smooth skin. Exfoliation is also known to boost collagen production, making your skin look more plump and glowy! Be sure not to over-exfoliate as the winter climate. More time spent indoors near our heaters or fireplaces can dry out and irritate your skin. To achieve the best results, try gentle chemical exfoliants like lactic acid in a leave-on formula to work on your skin overnight; and wake up to a glowing and refreshed face.

2. Hydration:  Hydration is essential to support all of your body’s functions, and while you can’t drink dry skin away, you can certainly boost the appearance of your skin on your face and body by keeping your water levels topped up. One big skincare mistake which we can all fall prey to during winter is a toasty warm shower! While tempting, very hot showers damage the skin barrier over time and can exacerbate itching or dryness. Instead, try warm temperature showers, cleanses on your face, and trap in the residual moisture immediately with a light lotion or balm.

3. Moisturising. Moisturising your skin is essential to any skincare regime and the benefits are endless. Even if you’re facing breakouts, a gentle moisturiser will keep your skin from becoming sensitised by the environment. When selecting a moisturiser, look for fragrance-free, alcohol-free and essential oil-free to minimise irritants. To lock this moisture in, for truly dry skin, top your moisturiser with your favourite non-fragrant plant oil. Oil last acts as a seal for the water in your moisturiser; and will reduce TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss) during the day.

Written by Imogen Stone

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