What’s the ‘Phygital Revolution’ all about – a beauty industry perspective

The ‘Phygital Revolution’, a form of omnichannel marketing used by businesses to integrate their marketing messages, is the recent hype in today’s digitally disruptive business environment. Various industries are implementing this technology as a form of value-adding to enhance their business development and long-term survival.

With a focus on physical and digital service delivery, phygital marketing ensures that customers have various touchpoints with a business, reducing the pressure on either end. The aim is to draw from the best of both worlds to deliver a seamless customer experience.

At LUXit, we pride ourselves on providing a luxury beauty concierge service, available via an app that allows our valued customers to book appointments for any occasion and also purchase gift vouchers for someone special. Our excellent expert service incorporates and values customer feedback to ensure your desires are satisfied. We aim to be the best and always deliver the highest standard of service.

Our CEO and Founder, Fabiola Gomez, believes “adapting to changes in today’s business environment is paramount, and using technology makes it easier to communicate and build relationships with our clients while simultaneously taking advantage of various opportunities that aren’t available in a traditional environment.”

In the highly digitalised business environment, with artificial intelligence taking on human capacities, businesses gain a competitive edge by utilising this marketing strategy. Not only that, but businesses are also becoming more competitive by creating a flow of communication, directing their customers effectively between their physical and online platforms with speed and efficiency.

The impact of the phygital revolution is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion and beauty industry. Various apps and online platforms allow businesses to connect with customers and customise their individual experiences.

A brief statement from our CEO about the impact of apps on LUXit was, “online apps are crucial to a business like ours, as it enables us to work in real-time with live tracking and updated details of all our clients’ information. It also helps us keep up with the latest trends and seek various opportunities.”

Customers are more than ever becoming a part of a business and its processes, offering valuable feedback and input that is incredibly advantageous in helping a business stand out. There is an increase in online shopping, with 63% of shopping beginning online worldwide (National Retail Federation, 2019). Many businesses are offering app-based, try-on virtual services for hair, makeup, and even nail designs. For those who want to go for a makeover but are unsure of the results, this option is perfect. Consumers can use apps for uploading and organising their wardrobes to choose outfits ahead of time. Consumer empowerment has increased along with an abundance of choices, leading them to consider the factor of convenience in distinguishing between various brands, contributing to this revolution’s growth.


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