What SPF is Better?

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It’s creeping into those colder months now and we might be spending less time in the sun but it is still incredibly important to pop on sunscreen before going about your day. So at LUXit, we’ve broken down the difference between a Chemical and a Physical SPF so you know what’s better for you skin and needs.

A physical sunscreen can also be referred to as a mineral sunscreen due to the iron oxide that creates a literal barrier against your skin and any UV rays that may be present. One major benefit besides UV protection is that physical sunscreen is effective immediately, which means there is no need to wait 20 minutes before you go about your busy day.

A chemical sunscreen, however, works by absorbing the light and scattering it so the UV rays never touch your skin. Chemical sunscreens do take 20 minutes before they work but once they do you are good to go plus they are flashback free which means you never have to worry about your face going white in photography.

So what’s better?

Both are just as amazing! If you’re a makeup wearer opt for the chemical because it’ll look amazing in photography and if you’re someone who’s out in the sun all day a physical sunscreen will work quickly and efficiently.

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