What is clean beauty, and is it better for your skin?

Clean beauty is defined as products that are thoughtfully curated and produced from ethically sourced ingredients with your health and the environment in mind. This means that clean beauty products steer clear from ingredients shown or suspected of disrupting your skin’s natural balance of oils and protective barrier.

Through vast improvements in technology, clean beauty products are becoming much more accessible for companies to manufacture without all the nasties in the ingredients. Over the past few years, the clean beauty market has grown dramatically as consumers become more conscious of their health and impact on the environment.

With clean beauty, the evidence is in the facts. It is scientifically proven that clean ingredients are the best way to prevent skin irritation and improve your overall skin health.

To help you keep an eye out for the harmful ingredients to avoid, here is a helpful list:

. Parabens
· Phthalates
· Synthetic fragrances
· Chemical sunscreens

Clean beauty products, especially at LUXit, must be luxurious, safe, high-performing, and make you feel amazing. We embody clean beauty across our array of premium mobile beauty and wellness services as our clients deserve the absolute best. This includes sourcing makeup that does not have harsh chemicals and ingredients, using natural oils for our massages, and using a youth-boosting super serum in our facials.

Although clean beauty comes at a higher cost, the superior experience of using these products is like no other. The beauty of it is that there is no compromise to your health, ethics, or experience.

So why not give it a try and treat yourself to some clean beauty with LUXit today.

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