Our Top 5 Botox Benefits

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Injectables have come a long way in recent years, and you no longer have to fear the ‘frozen face’ effect from poorly administered product. To celebrate LUXit’s announcement of our exclusive at-home injectables in collaboration with Dr Jeremy Cumpston and the renowned Ageless Clinics Australia, here are our top 5 facts on the best of Botox!


1. Migraine management

Yes, if you’re a regular sufferer of migraines Botox can assist in reducing pain and tension. Discuss your options with your doctor if you’re keen to try out an alternative to painkillers with the added bonus of a smooth forehead!


2. Lift off!

Over time, you may find your brow dropping or lower, and precision injection of Botox will assist in lifting your brow back up for a more relaxed appearance and refreshed face!


3. Lip flip

A lesser known procedure is to use a small amount of Botox to assist with a gummy smile (one that bares more gum and teeth than usual). Injected above the top lip, just a touch will relax this muscle and allow for a more balanced smile.


4. Crows no more

Crows feet, like the lines on the forehead, are formed through use of the muscles around the eyes over time. Skillful Botox injection at the outer corners of your eyes will smooth these lines subtly but effectively.


5. Smooth skin for a better finish!

After your Botox has taken effect, you’ll notice your skin with look smoother as lines and wrinkles are minimised. This means your foundation will look even better with a perfect canvas to be applied on!

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