The Power of Trust in Our Beauty Routines

The impact of word of mouth is undeniable, and it’s the reason we all engage our friends and family for recommendations when it comes to our grooming & wellbeing routine.

When it comes to taking care of our skin, our hair or the perfect winged eyeliner for a night out, the fact is that we want to know what we’re getting, and want to ensure our faces are in the hands of someone who won’t let us down.

The team at Gritty Pretty have recently launched their online “Little Black Book” detailing all of their recommendations for “tried, trusted and approved” physical locations for massages, hair, makeup, spray tans facials and nails – this platform provides women and men a place to visit where they can anticipate quality service.

Trust in the beauty industry hasn’t always been so straightforward – there are still a large number of unaccredited professionals offering their services online (where it’s fair play for all) at prices that may not reflect their skill, and equally, for those highly-skilled elite professionals, they can get lost in a sea of makeup artists or hair stylists without an online presence or a platform where their years of experience and quality of work is recognised.

Every one of us can picture a time when we strayed from our old faithful – perhaps we’re overseas and testing out a new blow dry bar, or sitting up at a makeup counter for a touchup before a last-minute work event – the questions in our minds remain the same, “Am I going to look good? Am I going to feel comfortable? Will I be heard?”

LUXit founder, Fabiola Gomez, designed her on-demand mobile beauty app with these considerations at the forefront of its development. With a career spanning the fashion and beauty industries as a brand owner, creative director and design mentor, she recognised immediately the disconnect that existed between individuals looking for at-home beauty services and the providers that operated solo and without a community or seal of approval behind them.

“I wanted to bring together experts in the beauty and grooming industries who understood the art of service, who had their own impeccable personal brands and who took pride in their work – these are our LUXit Partners, and they are the difference between LUXit and other apps – it’s the assurance that you won’t walk out the door feeling uncertain about your look,” Fabiola notes.

Having someone come into your home or office and complete your beauty service adds yet another layer of required trust, and Fabiola has created a seamless system within the LUXit App to ensure that from booking to completion, the client is completely in control.

“We want every LUXit experience to feel effortless – you know exactly when your LUXit Partner will arrive, you know what service you’ve booked and you’re provided with the pre-service tips to allow for the best possible service. Technology is just one part of the equation – we’ve put in the work to connect with these beauty creatives, to speak with them and to give them access to work with our wonderful client base – it’s a win-win, but it all starts with good communication and presence.” 


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