The On-Demand Economy

With choices available at every turn, opportunities constantly knocking on our doors, and path on path to follow, businesses have their work cut out for them. Quality and efficiency have been the business mantra for decades, yet in today’s fast-paced virtual market they simply aren’t enough. Where once customers were willing to invest a major portion of time in return for exemplary service, the modern customer has learned to expect the same sort of quality, delivered in a much faster period. Time is the ultimate luxury of our era, and services have begun to recognise that the one thing they truly need to provide their customers with, is time. From Uber to Iconic, businesses across the spectrum have acknowledged how much customers appreciate immediate, visible results. ‘Same-day delivery’ and ‘real-time bookings’ have become the anthems for this generation of business, and the beauty industry is not to be left behind.

The beauty industry has always thrived on its ability to prove its power, the ‘before’ and ‘after’ transformation, those immediate, visible results which show customers just how well each service works. Unfortunately, most of the beauty industry is fuelled by product and technology, and often asks that clients come to them. This in turn requires time, and time is something the new-age professional definitely does not have. Thus, the main concern for clients has been finding high quality beauty services which can also be flexible. The onset of Instagram beauty bloggers has made ‘beauty at home’ synonymous with ‘do-it-yourself’ quick fixes. But while these beauty-hacks are extremely useful and nifty, they simply cannot work as stand-ins to professional care. What then is the time-poor professional to do? Cue LUXit, the beauty concierge service that brings flexible, luxurious care right to your doorstep.  With real-time bookings, excellent products, and highly trained professionals, it’s got the whole package: quality, efficiency and speed.

So, whether it’s a quick tan, a luxurious massage, or a much-needed haircut before an important event, LUXit asks its clients a simple question: ‘Why wait?’.





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