The importance of rewarding team members

The 6 human needs include certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, and contribution (Tony Robbins).

At LUXit, we value our members and stress the importance of significance, connection, and contribution. By rewarding your employees, they feel more important and needed. Consequently, it creates a sense of connection and closeness within your workplace community.

LUXit offers you an opportunity to focus on your wellness and improving your lifestyle. Towards the end of the year, when everyone starts to lose motivation, rewarding your employees and encouraging self-care is imperative.

This is especially relevant during COVID where many businesses have gone remote and people are working from home. Many employees are starting to feel the stress and strain from working in either their home office, dining table, or even a crammed study area in their bedroom.

Parents are struggling to juggle their children’s needs whilst simultaneously on Zoom work meetings. LUXit offers at-home services that give your employees a well-deserved break so they can quiet their mind and relax, giving them a chance to reboot and consequently become more productive.

Rewarding your employees makes them feel valued in their workplace, strengthens bonds, and also boosts productivity, thus, fulfilling essential elements of the 6 human needs. Teams start to experience a boost in motivation and momentum to continue great performance.

At LUXit, we offer premium services, including relaxation and remedial massages, facials, manicure, and pedicures, wash & blow-dry with professionals that arrive right to your team’s own homes. Contact us so we can help you reward your employees by giving them a chance to show you care and revive, therefore, allowing them to enhance the success of your business during this challenging time.

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