Stretching to increase blood flow

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While the average amount of hours spent working at a desk increases, it is necessary to put aside half an hour for stretching to increase blood flow around the body. Mindful exercises are a way of organising and clearing the mind of all the days stress and focus on your breathing, these are able to be done at home or in a studio.

Pilates was popularised in the 1920s after having been created by Joseph Pilates. Pilates worked in a hospital as an orderly and would attach springs to hospital beds to support patients limbs, this evolved into the creation of the Pilates Reformer Bed which is commonly used in classes today. This body-conditioning class focuses on rehabilitation and muscular balance.


There are two types of pilates, equipment-based and mat-based, seeing as we’re recommending a short at home session, here are a few mat-based exercises for beginners who are interested in stretching.


The art of Yoga has been around for over 5000 years, with roots stemming from India. It focuses on lowering blood pressure and improving a sense of wellbeing. The way these work are each position holds muscle tension for short periods of time to improve circulation. Below are a few at home workouts to improve stretching mobility and increase flexibility.

The benefits of both exercises are endless, a few of our favourite reasons to do a quick session is it increases strength, is as stimulating as having a coffee, increased muscle tone and increased posture and stability to improve spinal health.

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