Spray tan advice from celebrity spray tanner

spray tan advise
Kendall Jenner strutting her stuff with a natural looking spray tan in New York.




As another hot and streamy day grips Sydney, we’ve created some spray tan advice. We’ve taken a look at why celebrities choose spray tans over getting a traditional sun tan. As far as knowing a bit about proper spray tans, celebrity spray tan artist Jenny Blafer has provided us a few tips on getting a great tan. Kendall Jenner seems to always nail that natural glow look whether its on the runways of New York or strutting her stuff for Victoria’s secret. This is the kind of glow we all want.

Blazer says when she tans her celebrities she takes 3 things into consideration. Their outfits, hair colour and setting they will be viewed on, be it film or red carpet. “All of these factors determine how light/dark one can go,” says the veteran tanner. Since most us not-so-celebrity people aren’t getting the expensive custom airbrush tans like celebrities,

Jenny has provided some spray tan advice on what everyday people can do to get an amazing streak-free look, even if its not hand-painted on by an artist like her.

Here are some of her key tips when getting a spray tan:


You should consider how light/dark you naturally are. The lighter your skin is the more sparse you should be when getting a tan. You should also avoid darker tones and stick to light tints. The darker your skin is the more liberal you can be with your choice of darker shades of spray tan.

Don’t overdo the frequency of spray tans. You shouldn’t get a spray tan more often than once every 10-12 days. You should wait until the whole previous spray tan has come off. Any more frequent tans are not recommended.

Don’t get other treatments for your skin in before you get your spray tan. Get your essential treatments such as facials and waxing 3-4 days before your tan. Avoid getting anything done 24 hours before your tan as any oils present on the skin can affect look of your tan.

Prepare your skin before your tan. Make sure your do your basics like: shaving, exfoliating and showering before your spray tanner arrives. If you’re getting a new tan its very important to exfoliate to remove the previous layer. Mitts are perfect for this and you can do this yourself by purchasing one at a supermarket or beauty store.

Make sure you wear the right clothes. Wear loose clothing directly after your tan as any tight clothes can impact the tan drying process. Don’t wear anything that might get stained (avoid whites).

Don’t soak your tan in water. Minimise the length of shower between tans as this can affect them pretty quickly. Rinse yourself quickly and avoid soaping.


Follow this amazing spray tan advice and you’ll be looking amazing with your LUXit spray tan. To book a spray tanner to come to your home click here.


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