Skinvestments: The Latest Trends in Complexion Perfection

Gone are the days when facials were a once-a-year or pre-wedding event – we are more committed than ever to taking care of our skin. With an abundance of information available, it’s simple to research ingredients, treatments, and gadgets – we know the questions we want to ask at the start of our facial, and we know what results we want.

Where long-term skin prep might have been reserved for celebrities pre-red carpet, we can now polish, perfect and tan our face and body year-round, and LUXit takes this premium feel to another level, offering quality-assured skins services that come to you.

The LUXit menu is always up to date with the in-demand (and on-demand) services, taking bespoke to the next level with a completely customized treatment designed for your skin. 

“Our LUXit skin experts are part of our deluxe menu offering and they said we’ve got some incredible skincare therapists working with us. Together, we decided to ensure that every single facial was customized to the needs of our clients – this means that part of your service includes an in-person consultation before you begin, where you can share with your LUXit Partner any skin concerns or goals. If you’re feeling dehydrated, you might enjoy a hyaluronic acid mask or some gentle exfoliation for dull skin before a big event,” Fabiola Gomez, LUXit founder, tells us.

If you’re really dedicated to an inside-out glow (and we really mean inside, out!), you’ll love the LUXit Intravenous Therapy options. A registered nurse will visit you where you can relax from the comfort of your own lounge room, being treated with a signature ‘Beauty Drip’ infused with essential vitamins and supplements to support overall wellbeing and a healthy glow – this is your like supercharging your daily multivitamin, and with maximum absorption and efficacy, it’s the perfect addition to your regular skincare and beauty routine.

Once you’re glowing from the inside, it’s time to add a gilded touch to your limbs – faux tanning has come a long way and LUXit has always stayed ahead of the curve with sophisticated, cruelty-free and organic blends that provide the most natural warmth and long-lasting color.

LUXit’s reputation for excellence grew from their signature spray tans, and booking one in 2019 means you’ll be coated head-to-toe with an ultra-fine mist within a mess-free spray tan tent, ready for your (skin-friendly) beach destination or evening out. 

“I’ve always been so conscious of taking care of my skin and our clients’ skin – a faux glow is the only way to tan, and with our LUXit blends, you’ll not only have a natural tint, you’ll also be hydrating your skin with organic and natural ingredients blended with the pigment,” Fabiola shares, “Our LUXit spray tan service comes with pre & post care recommendations – the last thing you want to do is worry about what products you can and can’t apply post-tan, so we make it simple for you.”

If your New Year’s resolution is flawless skin all year round, you’ll find every skin-perfecting treatment at the touch of a button with the LUXit App, available for download on the App Store or Google Play.


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