Professional at home makeup

Professional at home makeup

professional at home makeup


Are you looking for professional at home makeup rather than going to a traditional salon? LUXit’s team of professional makeup artists are some of the best and most experienced in Sydney. Whether you’re after a polished glamorous look for ball, high-tea or wedding or even a soft look, our team of freelance makeup artists will have you looking gorgeous. Here at LUXit we live and breathe beauty. Providing customers with amazing affordable makeup solutions no matter what your needs are, is what we do best.


I’ve got a corporate event to attend tonight – Does LUXit provide services outside homes?

Absolutely. Our makeup technicians can even come to your office, set-up and provide you your exact makeup needs at work. That saves you time and the hassle of having to book a salon, rush there and potentially get stuck in traffic.

I’ve got a wedding to attend to – Do you provide wedding makeup services?

Yes we do! Whether you’ve got a wedding or small gathering, our makeup technicians can come to your home and have you looking glamorous. Professional at home makeup is what we specialise in. You’ll be looking amazing for the wedding, whether you’re the bride or bridesmaid!

I’ve got a school formal but my makeup artist cancelled on me, can you help?

Absolutely. Our professional at home makeup services to women and men of all ages no matter how big or small the project is. Let your makeup artist know what style of makeup you want she will do the rest. You can rest easy knowing we come to you, saving you time, stress and money.


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