Perfecting Your Tanning Routine

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Perfecting Your Tanning Routine

Somebody once said that life is better with a tan, and boy were they right,  the right tan will give you an outer glow making you look a picture of health and radiance.  If you want to maintain a consistent sun kissed glow all year round its essential to settle into a weekly routine that you can keep up with. Here are some tips to help you fine tune your tanning routine.

Removing old tan- When your tan begins to fade, it erodes away leaving  an unattractive texture on the skin as your natural tone begins to reveal itself. If you layer a fresh application upon this, your tan will look patchy and mismatched as each layer will fade at a different time. To avoid this take a warm shower and use an exfoliating mitt or  special tan removing soap to rub away the previous layer, using a circular movement to apply a decent amount of pressure to be thorough. It is recommended to do this at least a day before you apply a new coat to give your skin a chance to breathe.

Preparing and priming your skin for a fresh application- Think of your skin as a blank canvas, that needs an appropriate foundation to layer that tan. That means if necessary shaving the day before, (it is recommended to shave immediately following exfoliation) to prepare the skin’s surface. After this apply  on a moisturiser of your choice, paying extra attention to your elbows, ankles, feet, and knees. Do this at least two hours before you apply your first layer of tan.

Applying the tan: It is essential to use a tanning mitt in your application as this tool will cover as much skin as possible and provide a more accurate coverage than using your hands. (It will also protect your hands for blotchiness and streaks.) Like your exfoliation method  use circular movements to apply the tan, applying an even amount of pressure each time. The elbows, ankles, and knees are the most prone to developing unsightly stains and uneven tones so use product sparingly on these areas, and it is recommended to leave them till last. Once you have applied your tan to all desired areas, wait at least six hours before jumping into a cold shower, this will ensure maximum absorption, to give you the richest tone possible. After showering, pat yourself down with a soft towel and apply a thick layer of moisturiser.


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