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Organic Spray Tans

There is nothing better than lying in the sun and obtaining a deep tan. The only problem is watching it fade out as Autumn and Winter months push through.

Tanning in winter has been made so much easier with spray tans… you are now able to attain that hot summer glow within a matter of a few hours. Here at LUXit, we advise you are careful with the products you use over your skin in order to keep it smooth and healthy.

Organic spray tanning products are a great way to ensure you are not letting your skin soak in any toxic chemicals.



What’s the Difference?

Inorganic spray tanning products contain Dihydroxyacetone whereas organic products will utilise organic argan oil, chamomile and aloe. All formulas differ slightly and some will work better on certain skin than others.

When selecting which spray tanning products you are going to use, ensure you are using your own skin type as a guide to help you.

Which one is good for me?

LUXit is here to show you the best range of organic spray tans as tried and tested by our beauty specialists.

  1. EcoTan

    Whether you prefer to use a gradual tan moisturiser or a normal self tanning lotion the EcoTan range of award winning tanning products cannot go wrong. With different options for different skin tones and types, they can cater to your specific needs. It’ll make you look like you’ve just come back from a long summer holiday, regardless of your situation.
  2. TanOrganic Self Tan

    This tan doesn’t feel heavy nor does it feel sticky on the skin. It is lightly tinted and claims to be scent free.

  3. Divine Naturally Bronze Fake Tan

    This product is suitable for both the body and the face, providing a smooth and even coverage. The formula is made of aloe vera, shea butter and coconut oil which are great hydrating ingredients for the skin. This product is great for lighter tones as it doesn’t generate or leave an orange undertone.


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