Nail The Professional Look

Who doesn’t love a good nail day? Is there anything more luxurious than sitting back and relaxing while a trained professional works luminous magic on your tired hands? Probably not! Yet what many people tend to forget is that a manicure is much more than a way to peacock your nails, it’s an integral part of your professional image.

In today’s world of constant meet and greet, hands have become a huge impression-maker in the corporate world. Whether it’s greeting a new client, drawing attention to a point during an important presentation, or even using them for emphasis in regular conversation, your hands are in the limelight far more than you realise. While manicures have always been synonymous with women, the truth is that both men and women can benefit from timely nail care. The beauty of nail care is that it does not just extend to long shapes and gorgeous colours, manicures are also a way to keep your hands looking (and feeling) healthy and smooth. A clean cut, a soothing file and a smooth polish will have your hands looking professional-ready in a matter of minutes. A trained manicurist will also massage the exhausted bones of your hands which will have your hands feeling springier in no time.

At the end of the day, we recognise that a great manicure does require a bit of time investment. Luckily, a mobile beauty concierge service like LUXit invests the time for you, fitting itself into your schedule so that you get high quality care, without visiting the salon. Nobody enjoys being greeted by poorly cut nails or rough, scratchy fingers. You take so much care to present the perfectly groomed face to the world, so why neglect your hands? Just book an appointment via our LUXit app, and we’ll take the task off your hands – literally!

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