Motivation to Workout From Home

LUXit partner Ben Saravio

Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

Staying motivated at the gym is a crucial part of maintaining one’s overall health and wellbeing, as it releases endorphins, lowers your stress levels, and helps you to achieve visible results.  However, with the unexpected arrival of Covid-19, many of us have had to find a new way to stay fit and healthy from the comfort of our own homes. It can be hard to find the motivation to get moving and engage in some exercises; even if they can be done in our living rooms. Our LUXit ambassador for wellness and health, Ben Saravia has shared his top three tips for staying motivated when you workout at home and getting the visible results that we have been working for.


Purpose – Choose to establish a positive reason for a workout at home

Being inside all day for an extended period during a quarantine; it can be easy to lose routine and the drive to keep up with our daily exercise. As human beings, we avoid pain and seek pleasure. It is perhaps why so many of us have spent the first months of self-isolation baking banana bread with loved ones or sitting on the couch watching hours of mindless television. However, it is important to view exercise as an investment in yourself and embrace it as a fun and beneficial daily activity. You may choose to establish a positive reason for working out, eg. “ I’m working out so that I keep active throughout the day” or “ I’m working out to help with my mental health during quarantine”. These reasons will often keep you accountable and make you more likely to work out at home, each day.

Consistency – Results never come immediately

Like any other new project or idea, results never come immediately, they must be worked towards consistently. Although it is easy to be disheartened by not seeing immediate results; your hard work will pay off with a little perseverance and a routine. Whether it be committing to doing 20 minutes of yoga every morning, or doing lunges around the house; this consistency will help you to develop intrinsic motivation and will make working out a part of your normal routine. Remember, patience and perseverance is the key!

Education and Support

Knowledge is power! When committing to an exercise routine, finding a personal trainer, or researching the exercise of your choice can help to avoid any injuries. Find an exercise that you enjoy such as Pilates or Yoga and commit to improving your technique each week. As many people are still anxious about re-joining the gym during a pandemic, LUXit is here to help by providing at-home Pilates and Yoga sessions. Our qualified instructors to help you achieve your fitness goals all from the comfort of your own home. That way, you can get your body into the best shape and enjoy a new form of exercise; whilst still staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. 

Written by Imogen Stone

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