Meet The LUXit Partner: Virginia Vella

Joining us this week for our LUXit Partner spotlight is the oh-so-skilled Virgina, a makeup artist with over 10 years in the industry who has developed her craft and creativity with true flair. We are lucky enough to have her insider opinions for our LUXit Partner questionnaire below!


1. What is your current favourite beauty trend?

I actually have two favorite beauty trends and they will forever be a red lip as it’s classic, chic and timeless – my go to colour to a special occasion. Also, a  burgundy, wine stained eye as it’s just so bold and sexy and suits most skin shades.

2. How has LUXit changes the way you work?

I’m a new LUXit Partner and they have been so professional and I am excited to see where the future lies with the team at LUXit.


3. Please name your top 3 makeup bag essentials. 

Powder – shine, shine, go away! Gloss is also a must-have touchup essential. You want people looking at your gorgeous glowing lips. And my brow pencil – need those gaps gone!


4. What is your favourite beauty service to receive and why?

Gertting my hair blow dried is something I don’t take for grants, I have a 7-month old so who can be bothered doing their own hair. It’s a luxury that I won’t give up – ever!


5. What is one word to describe yourself and one word to describe LUXit?


Me: Imaginative
LUXit: Opportunities


6. Please finish this sentence, “Luxury is…”

Luxury is a thing of now! Don’t give up the luxuries that make you smile.


More LUXit Partners will be sharing their answers with us next week so stay tuned!



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