Massage Therapy – Connecting Mind & Body

Time spent getting a massage is never wasted!

How long has it been since you indulged yourself in a luxurious massage? How long since you have felt the heavyweight of a towel on you, while the hands of your massage therapist work its magic? Do you remember the fragrance of your favourite essential oil?

Well, we have a solution! LUXit is a beauty concierge service that works with hand-selected industry-leading professionals who are insured, police-checked, and qualified to deliver first-class services. Specialising in premium services, including Relaxation and Remedial massages; we know how to go the extra mile with our service, just like we did for this couple.

But why are we talking about massages today, and not about any of our other stellar services? Because COVID is here. The stress is at an all-time high.

A 60-minute massage therapy is about the same as 8 hours of sleep to your body.

The four key benefits from having a professional massage are ease of mobility, an instant drop in stress, gradual growth in focus, and pain relief; below we go further in-depth of how each area is impacted.


Massage also helps to help break down the build-up of toxins and waste in your muscles, by improving the range of motion in the joints. We can help relax painful muscles that may have been having you feel tense and including your stress.


To encourage ease of mobility we recommend a Deep Tissue massage, this reaches deep into the sub-layer of musculature and fascia. The benefits of this are it may help rehabilitate normal circulation and restore the functions of a normal digestive system.


To help with focus and concentration, massaging can target muscle tension and loosen the immobility between tight muscles to encourage blood flow, when we relieve the muscles you’ll notice a greater flow of oxygen to the brain, the benefits of this are enhanced work productivity and sleep quality.


By manipulating the body’s muscles and tissue, a massage can also improve the immune system through improving the lymphatic system for greater lymph flow; the main benefit achieved from this is the release of endorphins like dopamine and serotonin.

LUXit also offers special massage therapy for all mothers-to-be. Book your massage therapy session today, and we guarantee a relaxing hour with optimum hygiene standards.

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By Swastika Gupta

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