Makeup tips from an industry expert for that summer glow

With Summer around the corner, who doesn’t want to showcase that glowing face. We’ve made the job easier for you by gathering tips from an industry expert, Janine Rauwenhoff, the founder of Makeup School Sydney Co., who’s been in the field for over 25 years.

1) “Moisturize, Moisturize Darling” – keeping your skin hydrated is essential to keeping that glow going throughout the summer heat. Try the Terrazen Cosmetics routine:

    • Apply a gentle layer of Aqua Recharge Essence, which has hyaluronicacid, to reach the Dermis layer.
    • Then apply the Aqua Recharge Serum and
    • Finally, the Aqua recharge fluid Gel-cream for night and day,which looks great under makeup. ( )

2) Keep the base light – The base is always key to the perfect summer look. A trick is to keep it light with a concealer and not pack on a heavy foundation, which is not as flattering in the daylight. For blemished skin, conceal only on blemishes.

Use a tinted moisturiser or an anti-wrinkle primer by Mikatvonk ( ) mixed with a very small amount of hydrating foundation.

3) Go light on the powder – Keep the powder to a minimum – not on cheekbones
and nose bone to create that glowing skin.

4) Contour – use a light-coloured contouring bronzer powder in matte brown and blend well, depending on your face shape and hairline. Apply under cheekbones, temple, and under the jawline to create a perfect oval face shape.

5) Cream blush – Add a pop of colour onto your cheeks using a cream blush, a lipstick is a perfect substitute to get the same desired effect. Use matte and highlighting eyeshadows on the eyes, not only matte or too much glitter

6) Emphasise those eyelashes – Use lashings of mascara and apply water-soluble mascara by Mikatvonk for eyelashextensions ( ). Use matte and highlighting eyeshadows on the eyes, not only matte or too much glitter shadows. For earthy eyes, use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner to create a softer feel. Use a soft Kohl on the base of your lash line and blend with the same colour range of shadow. This will last longer, and it makes a great smokey eye.

7) Only one colour on eyelids – apply one colour of eyeshadow all over the moving eyelid, blending well up towards the eye crease (where browbone hits moving eye socket). We call this an eyewash.

Coloured lip-glosses are great to hide lines on for anyone else use Matte lipsticks with bold colours that are great for summer cocktail evenings.

8) “Less is more” – definitely keep the look to a minimum

Three looks that Janine recommends you should try out this Summer:

  • Dewy fresh, bronzed babe look, little eyeshadow, more brow, gloss on the lips.
  • Winged eyeliner with a light-coloured shadow and bold, bright lipstick.
  • One colour eyeshadow in pastels, like an eyewash and a pale lip-gloss dewy skin.

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