Makeup Application: Picture Perfect Every Time

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Your perfect, customised makeup look is now at your door with LUXit. For just $130, one of our talented mobile makeup artists will visit your home or desired location for a makeup application with a difference.

You can visit a makeup counter, and for around $95 you can lock in a makeover with a brand of your choice.

Sure, you’ll get some of this back in product, you may also come up against crowded counters, wait times, and less than perfect results. Post application, wind, rain or heat can alter the look of your makeup, before you’ve even arrived at your event!

The LUXit Difference

A LUXit makeup application from the comfort of your home means you can truly chill out and when you’re ready to leave the house you know your makeup is fresh and perfectly polished.

Better still, you can book in a LUXit makeup application up to 2 hours before a night out, a birthday brunch or first date, so you never have to go without.

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