LUXit Trendsetter: High-profile Skin Secrets From Korea

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Korea is consistently one of the leaders of skin trends and 2017 is no exception, so we’ve hunted down the very best skin care secrets & superstar ingredients for the year ahead. Add these to your regular LUXit facial and you’ll be on track for hydrated, healthy skin 24/7.


Source: L’Oreal

Dewy Skin Is In:

Kpop and K-drama stars across the board are always flaunting a soft, dewy complexion on screen. While you might love a velvet or matte finish, try a spritz of a finishing spray with collagen, glycerin and other soothing ingredients that will leave a light sheen to the surface of your skin. Embrace the sheen and touch up throughout the day.

Masked Crusader:

Leave-on masks aren’t just for long-haul flights anymore, and the benefits of a well-formulated face mask are extensive. Korean skin care brands in 2017 are playing with mask textures like that tingle, bubble and infuse your skin with hydrating ingredients in 20 minutes or less.

Choose Charcoal:

Cosmetic-grade charcoal blended into cleansers, moisturisers or skin primers is the perfect way to combat breakouts or very oily skin without irritating or stripping your skin mantle. Korean skin care brands are embracing this ingredient in cleansing bars, pore masks and exfoliating powders that gently balance your skin.

Essence Equation:

Korean face essences are supercharged toners that are layered on after your cleanser with a milky texture that compliments the skin care to follow. Korean skin care always equates to more is better, so add an essence into your routine that targets your skin texture and goals.

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