LUXit Pro: Fresh Eyes For Early Mornings

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Whether you’re up early for a flight, an important meeting or a morning event, we’ve got our most effective tips for wide-awake eyes in just a few minutes.

Drop It

While they’re not for use on a daily basis, redness-removing eyedrops are a great way to quickly soothe tired eyes (like an ice cold shower!). Look for formulas with a cooling sensation to instantly refresh your peepers!


Source: Into The Gloss

Roll With It

When it comes to eye hydration, opt for a travel-friendly rollerball eye serum or cream. Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum has a built in metal rollerball applicator so you get all the moisture benefits of the serum rolled gently onto the skin.

Press Don’t Pull

For underye coverage, the trick is a gentle touch! Whether you prefer a Beauty Blender or clean fingers, press your preferred concealing product into the skin all the way up to the lash line and the corners of the eyes. If you choose to powder, use a light hand – a luminous finish can often be more brightening and feel fresher for longer.


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Lifted Lashes

Curled lashes are the ultimate way to open up your eyes in seconds. Find a lash curler you’re comfortable with and soon you’ll find that it’s an everyday must.


What is your secret to bright eyes when it’s dark outside? Let us know in the comments below!


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