LUXit – New Cupid in Town

Everything in the times of COVID is difficult, LOVE, a little more so than others.

We, at LUXit, have realised our potential to be more than just a beauty concierge service. When we were approached by a client to deliver the services for his beautiful girlfriend, it was not just about replenishing massage therapy, rather about creating an experience. An experience that would stay with them for a long time while staying true to what we do best!

The evening started on a fragrant note. The harbour facing room was strewn with locally sourced rose petals, fresh off the morning Sydney flower market. Creating a delightful surprise for an unassuming client. With a selection of essential oils and fragrances, our client had access to the spa-like services at their disposal with the convenience of being in their comfort zone in Park Hyatt Hotel. It was a romantic experience!

LUXit is not just a service, it is a memorable experience.

This is what sets us apart from the rest. It is the freedom to choose your own treatments, from the comfort of your place and options to have your own embellishments. Plan a special evening for your treasured ones and give them the gift of a relaxed evening. Or just go ahead and indulge yourself! LUXit offers a wide variety of treatments with a team behind it with the human emotions that understands your needs.

-Written by Swastika Gupta

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