LUXit Insider: Top Ten Travel Tips

By Andreana Patrinos

Booking a holiday is a feeling like no other. Whatever element we focus on, the one issue we cannot ignore is packing. Regardless of multiple years of experience travelling, you could find that there are ways to make your trip easier, and a whole lot better. On your trip, you’ll meet two kinds of people, those who pack light and those who wish they packed lighter. Packing is a tricky thing to master and not everyone has it all down pat, but LUXit is providing you with a few tips to make your travel experience even better than you’d imagine, from before you step out the door of your home.

  1. Make a packing list. You might not think of everything you need all at once, and writing it down will allow you to plan in advance and make sure you take everything you need with you.
  2. Stack your clothes. Start piling up your clothes and arrange them a few days in advance. This will help you visually assess and make sure you’ll have everything you need for your trip!
  3. Always pack your shoes in dust bags. Not only will it just feel nicer but it will ensure that your clothes stay clean while you’re up and moving.
  4. Roll your clothes. This will take up less room in your suitcase whilst also help you avoid creases on clothes. Also look at placing these in vacuum packs to keep them intact and as concise as possible.
  5. Be smart and stylish. Pack clothes that go together to ensure you can create more outfits with less clothes.
  6. Travel in the biggest/ heaviest clothing. This will make sure your bag is light and you’re still taking everything you might need with you.
  7. Take an extra outfit. How many times have you gone to get your luggage but its delayed? Always pack an extra outfit on your carry on so you’re always ready and prepared.
  8. Keep your essentials with you. Your carry on should be full of your valuables as well as including a lip balm, moisturiser and some other toiletries close wouldn’t go astray.
  9. Stay fresh. Keep all your clothes feeling and smelling fresh by lining your luggage bag with scented drawer liners or fabric conditioners sheets.
  10. Use the bag effectively. Pack your softer items (clothes) on one side of the bag and items such as toiletries, shoes and accessories on another side.

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