LUXit Insider: Tips to Healthy Hair

Source: Vogue

By Andreana Patrinos

Trimming every six to eight weeks simply isn’t the only thing you can do to ensure your hair is healthy. Healthy hair, just like healthy skin and/or body needs care. LUXit is providing you with 3 Tips to healthy hair as researched for you by our experts. Do not fear, these tips are easy and will not change up your every day routine too much.

Source: Teen Vogue

1. Keep washing to a minimum.

Too often are we obsessed with that soft, clean hair feeling. Aim to wash your hair 2-3 times a week max. This will allow your hair to release its natural oils which are designed to condition your hair. Washing your hair too many times will lead to an overproduction of oils, meaning you will feel the need to shampoo your hair more often. This is a drastic cycle.

The type of hair you have will also determine how often you should wait between washes. Curlier hair allows for you to wait longer between your washes.

On another note, if you feel like you need to wash your hair after every workout, know that you can rinse the sweat without shampooing, and this will ensure you aren’t washing too many times a day.

2. Cooler showers

Yep, you read that right. Did you know that hot water on your scalp will dry out your hair? It creates tangles that lead to breakage. Keeping your water temperature a little lower than you’re used to might change the way your hair looks and feels.

*Remember to avoid too much shampoo and only shampoo into your scalp, not your ends*

3. ‘Low Dry

Overheating your hair, as noted above can cause lots of damage. Cut back on heat styling tools- you should avoid using them daily, or be aware of how often you are using them. When blow drying, use a low heat setting and point the nozzle down rather than having it side on. When you are using any styling tool, ensure you are using protective treatments.

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