LUXit Insider: Charcoal Blackhead Removal Masks

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Source: MyScheming

By Andreana Patrinos

If you’re interested in skincare or just blackhead removal remedies, there is a high chance that you have come across the charcoal blackhead removal masks. Videos on social media platforms went viral. Showing off this new ‘remedy’ to blackhead removal allowed companies to promote this new product. It was like a dream come true for those of us who need or want a quick and easy way to remove blackheads. There is something oddly satisfying about peeling something off your skin whilst being able to ‘see’ the dirt you’ve removed in the process. Most testimonials do look promising, but LUXit hopes you are not fooled. So here’s the deal:


They hurt. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, treat it with just as much care as you would any other. Although it may seem as though you are doing your skin a favour to clear it. Avoid using any product if it hurts. The mask removes cells from the outer layer of the skin and any hair along with it. When you notice that your skin feels soft and smooth after using it, it’s because you have effectively removed an actual layer of surface skin. It ultimately removes natural skin oils, too. These are key ingredients to keep your skin healthy, providing a barrier that will protect the skin from micro-organisms. Masks like these ultimately strip your skin of these oils revealing the skin to even more possibilities of further skin damage.

Remember that your skin is a vital organ for which needs just as much care as any other! For a LUXit facial, follow the link to make a booking through the app or website. For more skin tips and advice ensure you have a look at other LUXit Insider tips on new treatments and trends!!



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