Insider: Lip Care for Winter

Source: Vogue

By Andreana Patrinos

Dry lips in the middle of winter is something we all know the feeling of a little to well. Fear no more, keeping your lips smooth this winter will be easier, thanks to LUXit’s Insider Tips. Below are some of the best tips to keeping your lips dry free during the cold months of the year.


1. Scrub

Scrub your lips once a week to remove the dry, dead or chapped skin cells. Exfoliating your lips will leave them feeling smoother and looking fresher. It is imperative to moisturise after you exfoliate.

2. Wet Lipsticks

Using moisturising lipsticks, or simply avoiding matte lipsticks over winter is a smart choice if you have dry lips or are feeling chapped. If you are too attached to applying lipsticks, ensure you have moisturised or prepped your lips with primer to begin with. Use moisturiser to help cure your lips overnight.

3. Stay Hydrated

The way you look will be a direct reflection of what vitamins and calories you put into your body. Water is vital and you should ensure you are drinking the right amount (8 glasses) daly. Keeping your diet healthy is also another step into preventing and helping chapped lips. Food products rich in vitamin A will also help dry lips as will fluid rich diets.

4. Room Temperature

When you are protecting your lips from outdoor elements, you should be careful about your indoor situation too. The heating system in a room during winter will make the air drier, meaning it has the potential to cause more damage.

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