Latest Hair trends in Australia

With summer fast approaching and the year coming to and end soon, we thought we’d compile a list of the top three latest hair trends in Australia for 2015. Timeless classics and elegant style mixed with edgy sexy looks round out our top three hairstyle trends for women in 2015.


1. The Sleek Bun


Starting at the top of the list is the classic sleek bun which has been trending at local fashion shows and featuring heavily in magazines. The sleek bun look is nice, simple and elegant all in one. You can complete this look with a centre-parted at the front and slicked into a low bun or a mid-to-high bun with hair brushed off your face. Perfect for casual outings or even classy events, this look has you covered no matter where your going.

2. Messy Hair

Messy hair is the next latest hair trend in Australia with the untamed tousled hairstyle becoming a huge appeal thanks to that effortless look mixed with sex appeal. Perfect for a casual day time look or an outing with friends. This look is pretty simple to complete, mixing a touch of blow drying whilst leaving your hair a little wet to keep that messy look.


3. The elegant ponytail

The timeless ponytail look rounds out our number 3 spot for hairstyle trends. When in doubt, a ponytail is a solid option for any occasion. Whether you need to head to the office, go to a party or head to a fashion event, you can opt for a stylish sleeked back ponytail or casual ponytail style and you will be the envy of the crowd.

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