In home massage benefits

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In Home Massage Benefits

The benefits of an in home massage are massive over traveling to a massage parlour or day-spa centre.



NO need to drive

When you get an in home massage, you don’t need to jump in the car and drive to or from your therapists location. There’s nothing worse than having a great massage and having to drive home after, only to get a stiff back again. You can sit back and relax at home with no car travel necessary unless you want to tell your family about the great massage you just had!

Maximise the relaxation benefits

An in home massage lets you really enjoy the relaxation benefits fully. You can book your appointment with the LUXit app directly after a long day at work, after picking the kids up or anytime on your day off. You can then maximise the benefits by having a rest after or running a nice warm bath with plenty of aromatic blends to relax you even more.


Enjoy the comfort of your own home

Again you can maximise your relaxation by having your in home massage in a room or surrounding you’re familiar with, meaning your able to enjoy a deeper sense of calm which will loosen your muscles up even more.

You know your getting a quality massage therapist

With LUXit, you have the benefit of knowing your in home massage will be completed by a quality trained massage therapist. We verify all our massage therapists to ensure you get a quality experience.




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