How to get a Bondi Tan without the sun

LUXit’s on demand booking system means you can get a great spray tan without leaving the comfort of home


Spring is here and with the temperature heating up its time to get a great Bondi tan. With rates of skin cancer increasing, the Cancer Council is projecting two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70. So how can YOU get that get dream Bondi tan? Its simple! Get a LUXit at home spray tan! Our App allows you to book a spray tan at your place anytime you want, whether its before a night out or before a holiday, you can get that Bondi tan without destroying your skin in the sun. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why a LUXit at home spray tan is better than getting in the sun:




No Sunburn, just a natural glow!

Nobody wants to look as red a tomato after a day at the beach. Its hard to know how long to stay in the sun before you start to burn, so taking that risk will not only increase your chance of skin cancer later on in life, it will leave you sore, red and feeling sorry for yourself. You can book an at home spray tan with out trained partners and control the colour & darkness of your tan as you want.

Premature Ageing

Tanning in the sun is a one way ticket to get age spots and wrinkles. Avoid looking like a wrinkly piece of leather by the time your in your 50’s and get a spray tan to keep your skin looking younger for longer. You only need 10 minutes in the sun to get your required dose of vitamin D so over exposure in the sun is not needed.



Sun exposure Damages your skin!

Excess exposure to the sun has been shown to damage your skin. Too much sun can contribute to a drying of the natural oils in your skin and hair. It can also cause pigmentation of the skin which can cause discolouration of the skin and nasty dark spots. You can get that same Bondi tan with a LUXit spray tan in the comfort of your home.



Your Skin Cancer risk increases

Too much exposure to the sun has been proven to increase your risk of skin cancer. Whilst skin cancer is one of the more survivable forms of the cancer range, fighting it can leave behind nasty scars from getting it surgically removed. Why take the risk when you can get that same Bondi tan with a spray tan?

Whilst we all want that tan glow and need some sun exposure to be healthy, over exposure is clearly not good for us. With the LUXit app you too can get that Bondi tan by getting a local professional to your place within an hour after booking. Its simple, easy and will leave you looking and feeling amazing.


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