Hold on to that Summer Glow in the Chilly Winters.

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A bronzed glow from a fresh tan always makes you feel like you just got back from the vacation. With winter creeping up it’s a little harder to maintain a summer tan so LUXit has done all your homework and come up with some amazing ideas on how to keep a tan looking fresh.

Moisturise your skin!

Fight off the dull and the drab and pack on some shea butter or coconut oil. Both are rich in antioxidants which fight off free radical damage and rich in vitamin E. Combine this with your skin and you’ll have soft, supple and most importantly hydrated skin. If you feel as though your skin needs moisture on the go pack a hand cream in the office handbag or keep it in the office draw for easy disposal.

Gradual Tanner:

If you want to moisturiser and tan all in the one go pop on some gradual tanner. They’re amazing because not only can they darken your natural skin but you can also use a gradual tanner to maintain a fake tan and prolong the life of a fake tan. Gradual tanners come in many textures so when shopping for one make sure its something you can easily apply.

Spray Tan:

If your bronzed skin has faded a little too much for your liking you can always book in a fake tan. Spray tans are a quick and efficient way of topping up on that summer skin. At LUXit we provide a tanning experience that you can have in the comfort of your own home. Just open up our app and within an hour you can have a qualified technician at your doorstep ready to paint your skin gold.

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