Insider: Hair Care with Tony Marchment

By Andreana Patrinos

Hair needs maintenance and care but is often neglected. Keeping your hair healthy is almost as important as cleansing your skin. This week, we have spoken to our very own hair stylist, men’s groomer and makeup artist, Tony Marchment to uncover some exclusive tips to healthy hair. Tony is an elite creative with a background in fine art. His advice is here, provided to you by LUXit.

1. Salon Quality Products

Supermarket quality branded products will actually contain much more water within them. This means you will most likely use double the amount of product on your hair. These products can also strip your hair of natural oils, drying it out.

Salon quality products are rich in vitamins, oils and minerals. For true nourishment, it is important to turn to these concentrated salon quality products.

Source: Blue Maze Hair Salon

2. Colour Sensitive Products

Although many people will tell you that there is simply no difference between products that are labelled ‘colour sensitive’ or not, our specialist notes that colour sensitive products will make a difference. “Always make sure, if you have coloured hair, to use the colour sensitive shampoo”.  Whether it be for keeping the colour in longer or simply ensuring that your hair remains healthy through the product.

3. Cleansing Shampoos

For those who get dandruff, turn to products that will cleanse your scalp. Tony uses the NAK product, ‘Ultimate Cleansing Shampoo’ noting that this will actually help smooth out and rid your scalp of dry skin and dandruff.

4. Train Your Hair

Tony introduces his clients to the Hydrating Shampoo Range by NAK and advises that they cleanse once a week, shampooing twice and conditioning once. This will train the hair to need less washes which will allow the natural oils to be released and condition your hair. Remember to apply conditioner to your ends, not your roots. “Our roots produce oil, we don’t need to add more oil to it”.  By following this regime for two months then you will be able to add extra days between washes, retraining your hair to not need a shampoo as regularly.

Source: Hair Now

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