Looking To The Future of Feedback with LUXit

The LUXit App & LUXit Partners App were officially launched on the App Store in March 2016. Through both of these, feedback has been taken to the next level, by ensuring customers and professional industry workers rate each LUXit experience. By using a sophisticated two-way, star rating system, we are able to gain invaluable information and data. Further, the whole LUXit platform can be assessed, improved and progressed as the app and service menu develops and spans Australia-wide.

How it works

As a client, you’re invited by the LUXit App to add in your personal ratings for three levels of feedback after your service. These three levels are professionalism, punctuality and presentation. Rating your LUXit Partner out of five stars for each category, the LUXit App is able to understand your overall experience and return this information back into the CMS system for further analysis.

Professionalism refers to cleanliness, customer interaction, experience and overall satisfaction with the level of service. Punctuality includes arrival time and the duration of the service. Presentation covers LUXit Partner grooming and appropriate attire.

In turn, client feedback assists in quality assurance. LUXit Partner training and guidelines and the booking process are monitored from beginning to end. With each booking they accept, LUXit Partners build a portfolio of ratings, allowing the LUXit team to touch base with them on areas of potential improvement.

LUXit Partners are also given a feedback form at the conclusion of each booking. Partners rate their client out of 5 stars as an overall grade for their interaction with the customer. This is a platform to ensure LUXit Partners are able to maintain a comfortable and professional level of service.

Mobile Services Changing the Game

Uber Australia, another company raising the service benchmark with two-way feedback system, notes, “Drivers should aim to receive 4.6 stars or more. Uber can ask a driver to come into the office so they can receive “tailored feedback” if their rating falls below the average, which varies by location.”

Similarly, LUXit bolsters its Partner rating system with phone, email and in-person support, training and protocol guidance for its industry professionals from the day they sign up as a LUXit Partner.

LUXit takes feedback seriously, and continues to pave the way for the highest level of beauty and wellness on-demand that Australia has ever seen.

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