From Desk To Friday Night Drinks: Hair Transformed In Minutes

There are a few things that make Fridays special – there’s always a feeling of adventure tiptoeing past desks, whispering phrases like ‘no alarm clocks’, ‘brunches’ and of course, ‘Friday night drinks’. As the first event on your weekend to-do list, Friday night drinks are without doubt the gatekeepers to your weekend-vibe. But making the transition from workday to weekend-night is always a little tricky, particularly for the time-poor professional. To make things more convenient, we’ve put together a couple of the handiest hairstyles to go from work-ready to party-ready in mere minutes.

Mess It Up: For women who enjoy letting their hair down (literally!) this is an excellent route to follow. While straight hair is a great choice for the more formal workday, twisting your hair into soft messy waves is a softer, more fun choice for the night out. Just add a little water, and mix in a touch of blow drying, and voila! You’re ready to hit the town.

(K)Not It!: The half knot is a severely underappreciated style of our time, one that has often been overlooked in favour of the more popular messy bun (we’ll get to that!). Half knots are an excellent choice because a simple version requires minimal effort but can definitely create stunning results. Simply comb up a small portion of your upper hair, and fold it up into little bun. Comb through the straight portion of your hair, spray it a bit to keep everything in place, and you’re good to go!

How Low Can You Go: The low messy bun is one of the best choices for a night out, it’s carefree, sexy and definitely leaves your hair looking amazing. It can also be a little bit of work, making it a slightly difficult thing to achieve in a short span of time. What a lot of people don’t know however, is that a low messy bun is a versatile thing – perfect for both a fun night out, and a professional workday. When done right, the low messy bun can fit in just about anywhere. The secret is in the twisting of the hair, balancing the ‘mess’ just right to achieve absolute perfection. It takes time and patience, which many of us are short on – especially at the end of a long week. Luckily, LUXit’s quick and convenient service comes to you, with appointments starting as early as 7 am, so that you can carry your luxurious look straight through Friday and right into the weekend!


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