COVID at home party ideas

Need some inspiration for your upcoming celebration? Here are some quirky ways to party at home! Impress your guests with a night to remember.

Now is the time to get creative and show off your proficiency as a hostess. Become that inner at home event planner and party like no tomorrow in the safety of your home.

Without any further ado. Here are a few ways to have fun at home!

1- A BBQ with Family and Friends

What more is there to an Aussie celebration than an at-home BBQ? Share a few drinks with family and friends. Pop open that cold crisp beer or champagne. Crown yourself king as you win a thrilling game of family Pictionary. Test your knowledge with a quick movie trivia. How about creating your own movie theatre experience at home and binge the night away. Not to forget, a grand finish with your local pavlova garnished with the best fresh fruit to add that touch of refreshing sweetness.

2- At-Home Spa Treatment

An at-home spa day for the girls. Or for couples looking to spend quality time together. Spend a relaxing afternoon with some of the best relaxation and remedial masseurs in the industry. No matter the job, long hours and extended periods of stress can cause significant physical tension. Especially as we often neglect our own self-care needs. Relieve that discomfort as you prepare for a fresh start by requesting a manicure, pedicure, and facial from LUXit to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin for that glassy completion. Wrap the experience up by preparing an exquisite cheese platter to accompany your spa day.

3- Home Yoga and Mat Pilates

Is the gym too risky? Scared that you will injure yourself without proper technique or posture? Try something new and challenge yourself and a few friends to a yoga class or mat pilates. Sessions vary between 60 to 90 minutes, and LUXit Instructors work with you to ensure your experience is the best, allowing you to stay healthy and fit.

4- Organise a DIY Paint Class

Express your artistic abilities by painting with friends. Experiment with an array of flowers, scenery, and even funny self-portraits. Do not fear your abilities may not be up to professional standards. After all, painting is for fun and laughs. Who knows, perhaps there is a hidden Van Gough or Monet in you.

5- Poker Nights

Have a friendly little competition with your friends and get the Casino Royale feeling at home. Challenge your friends in poker. Bet against each other, and the winner goes home with their pockets filled. Allow for participants to buy back in for an extra thrill. Organise an impeccable feast before the match, comprising your best signature dishes. How about a warm, slow-cooked meal to satisfy the bunch?

LUXit, your beauty concierge, is here to bring you the best experiences regardless of how strenuous and exigent COVID-19 restrictions may seem. Contrary to belief, perhaps a pestering hindrance may pose a great opportunity to explore exciting at-home entertainment.

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