Convenience Is The New Black

Ours is an era of clicks. From Instagram to Uber, everything we like and consume exists right at our fingertips – and that’s the way we like it. In a world like this, customers are always on the lookout for ways to make their routines easier.

There’s simply too much to do, and too few hours to do it in. Most professionals are time-poor since they do not follow traditional timetables, making it difficult for them to schedule and keep salon appointments. It simply isn’t convenient to schedule a hair appointment at 10 am, nor is it convenient to miss it.

Convenience then has become the ‘little black dress’ of the business industry – the wardrobe staple that every service needs to have in order to be successful. For instance, a mobile beauty concierge service like LUXit fits itself into a customer’s schedule, allowing them to have beauty on the go. Its 7 days-a-week policy also means that customers no longer have to pencil in time during their busy work weeks to get the care and service they require. In fact, they no longer need to set aside time at all! LUXit’s service allows customers to create customised appointments, choosing a location and time that works for them. With appointments starting as early as 7 am, there’s something for everyone. More importantly, it allows busy customers to spend time with their family while they prepare for an important dinner, or even just relax in the familiarity of home while they’re provided with salon-style service. Armed with a group of experienced, friendly professionals who know exactly how tiring weekdays can be, LUXit gives customers exactly what they need – customised, convenient luxury.

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