The On-Demand Economy

With choices available at every turn, opportunities constantly knocking on our doors, and path on path to follow, businesses have their work cut out for them. Quality and efficiency have…

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Insider: Organic Spray Tanning

Source: Organic Spray Tans There is nothing better than lying in the sun and obtaining a deep tan. The only problem is watching it fade out as Autumn and…

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The LUXit Guide To The Perfect Natural Spray Tan

It’s no secret that a faux glow is the only way to get tanned all year round, avoiding sun damage, burns and more.
However, not all fake tans are created equal, and with a huge selection to choose from it can be difficult to navigate which ingredients you want on your skin, and which ones you don’t.
With your skin being your body’s largest organ, it just makes sense to treat it with care and get your bronzed finish with a natural alternative.
We’ve compiled our best tips for a natural spray tan that will have you glowing in no time!


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A First Class Tan

A first class tan     Whether you need an instant tan for the night or a gradual summer glow a tan is not just a tan it is a…

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Beauty Industry in Australia

Beauty Industry in Australia Every wondered what the beauty industry in Australia was really like? Where Aussies spend most of their money and what the future trends are? We've looked…

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Sydney Spray Tanners wanted

Sydney Spray Tanners wanted Why we need great Sydney Spray Tanners. LUXit is looking for experienced and professional Sydney spray tanners to work with and join our platform to service clients in…

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