Behind the Scenes with Isabella

             Photography by Lucas Dawson x Makeup By Isabella Schimid This year Makeup Artist Isabella Schimid led the LUXit team as Makeup Director for the…

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The On-Demand Economy

With choices available at every turn, opportunities constantly knocking on our doors, and path on path to follow, businesses have their work cut out for them. Quality and efficiency have…

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Insider: Microblading

Source: Blue Bell From pencils, gels, powders, pomades, waxing, threading and beyond; these hacks for the perfect eyebrows and their shape, size and colour have been dominating our beauty world…

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Meet The LUXit Partner: Virginia Vella

Joining us this week for our LUXit Partner spotlight is the oh-so-skilled Virgina, a makeup artist with over 10 years in the industry who has developed her craft and creativity…

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LUXit Insider: Makeup Like A Pro

Source: Fox and Mae Makeup and Beauty Tips provided to you by LUXit Beauty. By Andreana Patrinos For the best beauty tips in the industry, follow the LUXit Blog. We all…

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LUXit Insider: Cate Blanchett

If you’re like the team at LUXit HQ, you’re always curious as to what’s really inside the makeup bags of our favourite celebrities. This week, we’re taking a look at…

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How To Apply Make-Up Over Wrinkles

LUXit partner Jaimee-Leigh Curtis features on Over Sixty, talking makeup and ageing with Michelle Reed, for the full article click here.

Make-up should always be enjoyable. It should never be about hiding your natural beauty, but enhancing it. Wrinkles are a completely natural part of ageing and you shouldn’t feel the need to cover up.


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