How to Love What You Do: Career Talk with LUXit Founder Fabiola

Fabiola Gomez, founder of LUXit, Australia’s leading beauty & grooming mobile beauty service, has always taken the reins of her own career, and it’s landed her accolades as the mastermind behind the rise of the cult Australian fashion label Camilla, and director of celebrity-adored sunless tanning line Asyana.

Fabiola is also a determined mentor, inviting young talent into her world as they transition through their careers.

Today we sat down with Fabiola today to discuss her thoughts on a meaningful career, on wellbeing for startup founders and on identifying your passion.

Q) We’re often told to “follow our dreams” and let our passions guide us – how do you go about identifying your passion, and how realistic do we need to be about what we can achieve early on in our careers?

A) Identify what excites you – work out if you love services or products, and if you could talk about it for hours – it will likely be something which you can speak openly about from the heart and not be too concerned with opinions of others. In terms of applying this passion, you should be diligent on investing your time efficiently and should know when to cultivate the resources which are at your disposal.

Q) As a startup founder, what kind of habits do you need to put in place to take care of yourself emotionally, physically and energetically to maintain the pace and demands of scaling a new business?

A) For my morning routine, I visualise the day ahead – it’s essential to feed your brain with positive information. Planning for the day ahead for 20 minutes and setting the target of the day makes a big difference in what is executed over the following hours. In terms of balancing my energy, I always keep meetings to 25 minutes or less, I’m mindful of the media I consume, and I’m selfish with my time during business hours. Social time is where I can connect to others, unwind outdoors and I always make sure to drink lots of water (what I call “happy juice”).

Q) What is something that Generation Z might be missing out on in terms of their future of work skill set? Do you think the art of connecting in person is being lost, and how does this impact interviewing for roles?

A) Interpersonal skills (humour, sensitivity, tolerance, diplomacy), alongside emotional intelligence and compassion and the ability to communicate with empathy are essential for so many career paths, even in more technical fields. The art of connecting is lost, and the impact of this for younger generations can be a lack of confidence in personal and professional interactions, the inability to read body language and build rapport.

Q) What do you look for when you’re hiring a new team member, and what really stands out for you on a CV?

A) I ask myself, “Will they be an asset? Will they contribute to the company and the community as a whole?”, and what stands out on a CV for me is definitely any time spent volunteering, internships which show initiative, and any additional studies which highlight their dedication to continuing to grow and improve across their career.

Q) What’s next on the horizon for LUXit?

A) More training and development opportunities for our LUXit Partner team (upskilling is essential with so many new and innovative services becoming available within our market), and a new rewards program to honour our Clients.

To learn more about LUXit, explore our website further and get in touch via phone or email.

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