Camera Ready 24/7: The High Glam Generation

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Gone are the days when only a wedding, 21st birthday or black tie event would warrant a trip to the makeup counter for a full face.


Whether it’s for a Snapchat selfie, a girls night our or simply a trip to the movies, a perfectly touched up face is now the new normal. Women are embracing a more glamorous, polished look on an everyday basis.

So what’s brought about this change in attitude?


It may have something to do with the accessibility of makeup.


Sure, we’ve all browsed cosmetics in person or admired a winged liner on the pages of a magazine. We are now more connected than ever to makeup artists, new products and techniques, and of course to what celebrities are adorning their complexions with.


If you’re curious about a product on the cheekbones of a red carpet starlet, your answer is just a Google search away, and you’ll likely find a YouTube tutorial on the way, guiding you through a step by step tutorial.


Achieving the super-groomed appearance of the glitterati is no longer veiled in mystery, and as such we can all say, “Hmm, I could see that working on me!


Celebrity makeup artists no longer keep their secrets under lock and key, instead they enjoy sharing with the masses and growing as a brand in and of themselves. Joyce Bonnelli, the famed MUA for Kardashians who is now in such high demand that barely has a day off.


A standard makeup application has also gone way beyond some foundation and mascara.


Contouring, baking, strobing, tight lining and more are now becoming part and parcel of any beauty prep for a night out. Furthermore, with so many high-tech formulas on the market, a lot of makeup doesn’t mean a heavy look.


We are embracing runway looks in our own ways, stocking up on Kylie Jenner lip kits and following Snapchat stories of product reviews. In short, we’re making the rules now.


Booking in a makeup artist before a night out, a special brunch or a selfie session with friends is now more simple than ever before, with the introduction of mobile beauty services. Leading the pack in Australia is LUXit, providing at-home blow drys, makeup and spray tans via the LUXit App or online.


A skilled makeup artist will be at your door within the hour, so even last minute occasions are covered, and you can get prepped from the comfort of your bedroom (or office!)


LUXit follows the booming success of similar US services like Priv & Glam Squad, offering A-list beauty service at home, and it appears the move towards services that come to you is here to stay.


So if you’re about to order some takeaway before a night on the town, in half the time you can lock in a makeup artist to add the finishing touch while you put your feet up.


Beauty is well and truly on the go!

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