Behind the Scenes with Isabella

             Photography by Lucas Dawson x Makeup By Isabella Schimid

This year Makeup Artist Isabella Schimid led the LUXit team as Makeup Director for the Mercedes Benz Bondi Born Fashion Show. In between the glamour of beautiful fabrics and luxurious cuts, Schimid spared a few moments to share how she created a catwalk-worthy look inspired by luminous skin and a glossy eye.

“The inspiration for the look was to achieve an expensive luminous skin with an easy to achieve bronze glossy eye,” Schimid revealed to LUXit.

“It’s for the modern woman who wants to look polished and glowing!”

So how exactly did Schimid create this translucent luminous skin and how can we create it at home?

Schimid revealed it all began with skin prep! To ensure the makeup would perform at it’s very best Schimid made sure the models’ skin was at its very best by lightly exfoliating to remove all dead skin cells. Once exfoliated Schimid used a combination of the Travelista Rose Otto Hydrating Mist and the Omega Facial oil to give the skin that extra natural glow.

As soon as the skin was hydrated and moisturised, Schimid admitted she only reached for cream products.

For the luminous skin, Schimid revealed she opted for concealer instead of a foundation to lightly correct any imperfections. To enhance the natural skin Schimid reached for Chanel’s cream highlighter to create that luminous finish.

Once the base was completed Schimid moved on to eyes by blending Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon pencil in Bronzed Garnet all over the eye. Lastly, Schimid used the Travelista lip balm on the eye and lips to create that glossy appearance across both features.

Having worked in the industry for 25 years Schimid did not fail to impress with her glowing take on a stripped back look. The best part is this makeup look is easy to wear and perfect as we move into the chilly winter.

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