Beauty Industry in Australia

Beauty Industry in Australia

Every wondered what the beauty industry in Australia was really like? Where Aussies spend most of their money and what the future trends are? We’ve looked at the data and its pretty clear where Aussies like to spend their hard earnt money when it comes to beauty services


beauty industry in australia


A quick look at the beauty industry in Australia in 2015 shows us that its worth a staggering $3.9 billion. This is dominated by haircutting, styling and colouring sector which makes up more than half of the money spent in the industry at 65.7% which is massive. So why do Aussies love a good haircut so much?

Haircuts are a regular and popular practise by all genders and ages including women, men & children whereas most other industry largely cater to women. Colouring services area big part of the money made for this segment as the Aussie population ages, more and more men and women are turning to hair dying to keep themselves looking and feeling young.


People are becoming more and more time poor meaning that haircuts and other styling sessions are becoming increasingly more difficult to fit in because we’re working a lot more. Where does the LUXit app fit in? We provide you with a platform and a means to book a haircut, dye or styling at the comfort of your own home when you’re free. Its FREE to download and easy to use meaning you can focus on freeing up your day with the time you would’ve spent driving back and forth to a salon.

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