At home massage

Over the last decade, an at home massage has grown from a busy working person’s dream to reality. For busy businessmen and women, teenagers and older mums and dads, massages are perfect for combatting the daily stresses of every day life to help relieve tension and pain. LUXit offers a variety of massage therapists at your disposal to come direct to your place within the eastern suburbs in Sydney whenever you need it.
 The benefits of an at home massage are huge; Saving you time in travelling back and forth to salons, not having to wait in queues or traffic lines and best of all, being able to relax and be massaged in the comfort of your own home.
An at home massage is the best way to end your busy day and refresh you for your week ahead!
Your massage therapist will come to your place, and provide you the best muscle relaxing massage you could ask for.
No more rushing and re-organising your day to fit your therapist’s schedule. Treat yourself and feel any tension or back pain ease and let your mind relax peacefully in your own surroundings.
 LUXit’s fully trained massage therapists come with a host of skills. Catering to problem areas such as stiff lower backs, stiff necks, store muscles, knots and to help you completely relax. All of our massage partners come with all required equipment to leave you ready to tackle your week ahead.




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