3 Acids Essential to a Skin Regime

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The word acid can be frightening when it comes to skincare, don’t fret through LUXit has done all the research so that you know what acids are best for your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid:
This acid is incredible because it’ll keep you hydrated for the whole day. Hyaluronic acid is known as a Humectant and ingredient that brings and holds water to the skin keeping you plump and supple. It also doesn’t matter if you’re oily either because hyaluronic acid will bring the water to your skin without interfering with your natural oil production and may even help prevent your skin from producing excess oils.

Lactic Acid:
This is something our bodies naturally produce which means a topical application is even better because our skin is familiar with it or what you may also hear as Bio-Available. This wonderful acid will remove dead skin cells that are underneath your skin layers which will do a chemical exfoliant and prevent texture across the skin. Lactic acid will also make your skin glow from within and your pores near invisible.

Alpha lipoic acid:
This acid is filled with an immense amount of anti-oxidants that fight free radical damage and help prevent pollutant damage to the skin. Normally you’ll see this acid paired with a Vitamin C which means anti-ageing, collagen boosting and brightening all in the one. This acid is also oil and water soluble which means it will absorb quickly into your skin and you can skip that sticky feeling.

These acids are perfect from applying daily, especially hyaluronic acid! Just make sure you pair your skin care with sunscreen to ensure that all ingredients can work to their fullest.

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